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Social Enterprise in the City - 1st November 2017

Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC is pleased to present the ‘Social Enterprise in the City’ conference in a partnership led with Hackney Council (for full list of partners see below).

Using Hackney as a case study, the conference will explore how to develop a vibrant urban social enterprise ecosystem in which social enterprises can address inner city challenges such as disengaged youth, social exclusion and food sustainability.

Through a series of talks, panels and breakout sessions the conference will identify key inner city needs, an inner city vision for social enterprise and the steps actors can take to grow the social enterprise sector. The day will also include an opportunity to work with the Mayor of Hackney to draft a social enterprise manifesto for Hackney.

Headline speakers:

Peter Holbrook, CEO, SEUK; Bharat Mehta, CEO, Trust for London; Gemma Heard, Project Manager, Drivers for Change; Tony Armstrong, CEO, Locality; Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville and Councillor Mete Coban.

Panel discussions:

- Why should cities invest in social enterprise development?
(Bobby Kasanga, Hackney Wick FC; Jude Williams, Hackney Pirates; Kemi Dowokpor, Mind Your Language and Gee Sinha, ReSpace Projects)
- Are social enterprises equipped to operate in inner city markets?
(Faisel Rahman, Fair Finance; Howard Lane, Green Net; Julie Brown, Growing Communities and Claire Martin, Mill Co.)
- Supporting a social enterprise ecosystem - social & community leaders discuss conditions necessary for inner city social enterprise growth
(Jake Ferguson, HCVS; Claire Witney, London Borough of Hackney; Jacqui Roberts, Shoreditch Trust; Nas Morley, UnLtd; Lindsey Hall, Real Ideas Organisation)

- Open discussion: Growing the sector through collaboration and engagement. (Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC)
- Open discussion: Drawing up an inner city manifesto for social enterprise. (Hackney Co-operative Developments CIC)
- Three ways to finance your social enterprise (ALLIA);
- Q&A: How to engage young people at risk of exclusion (Urban MBA, Hackney Wick FC and UnLtd);
- How to measure and report social impact (CAN Mezannine);
- Steps for changing your private business into a social enterprise (Co-operatives Assistance Network);
- Bringing a product to market on a shoestring (Red Ochre)
- Co-operative Working Principles (Calverts)

See exhibition by Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney mark holders and other stand holders

Social Enterprise in the City
Wednesday 1 November
Pre-registration energiser with Working With Voice: 8:45
Registration: 09:15
Conference and workshops: 09:45 - 17:30
Drinks reception: 17:30 onwards

Tickets: £10 (£8) - places are limited so please book promptly:


For more information please contact Sophie Higgins at


Gaining Contracts Through Good Contacts 

Thursday 1st January, 2015, Ship of Adventures

Gaining Contracts Through Good Contacts was a Principle Six event hosted jointly by Co-operatives London and Hackney Co-operative Developments' Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney programme.

Principle Six events are a co-operative methodology applied to business networking that help you get the best out of your network and to grow it in order to make the links your organisation needs to gain new business, develop new opportunities or effectively reach you targets.


Launch of Pioneering Social Enterprise in Hackney 

Thursday 18th September, 7pm UBS

Our special evening reception welcomed more than 30 pioneering co-operatives and social enterprises, alongside key figures from Hackney Council’s commissioning departments, funders such as Trust for London, and social economy infrastructure organisations, both local and national to celebrate Hackney's social pioneers and the launch of this programme.


An Open Discussion on Public Space

Monday 7th July, 6pm, Vortex Jazz Club

An Open Discussion on Public Space showcased three exciting research projects that have focused on Gillett Square over the past two years and created an open forum to re-think and re-negotiate our perspectives and perceptions of the ambitions for public space in Dalston.