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Future Property Developments

We are excited about the redevelopment of the Bradbury Street Project.

In 2017 HCD was awarded over £1 million by Greater London Authority to make much-needed improvements to 3-10a Bradbury Street/1-10 Gillett Square as well as the creation of new workspaces for Hackney enterprises. As part of the funding, a lease extension was requested from the London Borough of Hackney, and planning permission was granted in August 2018, https://ynstudio.eu/Bradbury-Street-Workspaces-London-UK

View video of Dalston Works from Y/N architects 


Bradbury Street


The redevelopment includes:  

  • Improvement of 23 self-contained office spaces (Class B1 office space)
  • Over 658 SqM redevelopment including 10 self-contained test retail spaces (A1/A3/A5) 
  • Creation of 457 SqM of new B1 workspace 3 Bradbury Street, London N16 8JN (a new floor on the 3rd floor).
  • 743 SqM of workspace fitted out at Block E, Woodberry Down


The project in numbers

  • The redevelopment will safeguard 265 existing jobs while creating at least 69 more. 
  • The HCD Social Enterprise Incubator Programme will support at least 15 socially responsible businesses, meaning at least 30 Hackney residents will be helped each year to earn a living wage.
  • The development will offer workspace to 23 tenants whose enterprises are owned by BAME and other identifiable groups who experience social exclusion.
  • Gillett Square will continue to support 5-10 public events each year and create a child-safe space on 150 days each year for cultural and community development, increasing social capital and inclusion.


Providing continuity for tenants 

In order to minimise disruption, HCD assured that all tenants wishing to stay would be provided temporary accommodation. We fulfilled this promise through the provision of temporary containers on the south side of Gillett Square, while other tenants moved from Bradbury Street to Woodberry Down/Downham Road. 


Project update 

We are sorry to report that we are experiencing delays in completing Dalston Works and have adjusted the project timeline according to the new scenario. Due to changes made to the design scope, neutral causes, subcontractors and material delays, the completion of Dalston Works has been delayed by a further 13 weeks. The project was scheduled to finish in August 2021, but due to the pandemic COVID-19, it was estimated to be completed by November 2021.

The new practical completion date is set as 12 February 2022. We are confident that the team has resolved all known issues and placed orders for all key materials. we are working with the team to mitigate any further delays to the programme. We appreciate your patience, understanding and continued support as we progress in completing the project.

We intend to commence marketing the units by the end of November. To provide a fortnightly update on the progress of the programme.

Meet the team

In November there will be an opportunity to meet the property team to find out more about the units available at Bradbury Works. Kindly email info@hcd.coop with any questions, you have concerning the project. 

Interested in a unit? 

Please contact property@hcd.coop to register your interest in one of our spaces. 

Giving thanks 

It’s important to recognise the work carried out by the project team over the last few years. Their dedication and perseverance have been extraordinary. 

We also want to thank the Greater London Authority for the grant awarded to us and the match funding from The London Borough of Hackney, Trust For London and the Unity Trust Bank. 

We thank our tenants and all the various stakeholders for their patience and understanding of the disruption and inconvenience caused.